recruiting methodology

Step 1 – Goals Discussion
Judge values the importance of learning our clients business, goals, corporate culture, and specific personnel/skill requirements.  Upon acquiring this knowledge, a customized recruit­ment plan and brand statement is designed to address each one of your company's unique needs.  A candidate submission plan built according to your project timeline, budgetary requirements and hiring process is then agreed upon.

Step 2 – Targeted Searches
Judge's industry-leading team of 200+ recruiters performs targeted searches for top talent within its proprietary database (containing more than 1,000,000 candidates) and strategic social networks.  Judge maximizes exposure by advertising your classified job description across all leading job boards, and develops client-specific talent pipelines while leveraging over 40 years' worth of industry-specific referrals.

Step 3 – Candidate Screenings
Judge's recruitment experts rigorously screen all potential candidates, conducting detailed face-to-face interviews, technical assessments and at least two reference checks with previous managers that can validate a candidates competency and experience with desired skills.  Our screening process ensures a shortlist of the best candidates that fit your specific needs.

Step 4 – Candidate Submissions
When Judge has qualified candidates worthy of submission, you receive a comprehensive candidate overview, including a current resume, a skills/requirements match summary, contractual rate or salary expectations, and candidate availability. Your Judge account executive works with your hiring team to schedule candidate interviews and solicit feedback from both parties post-interview.

Step 5 – Offers and Onboarding
When you feel you've found the right person for the job, your Judge account executive works with your hiring manager to present an offer to the candidate and confirm start dates.  Judge then provides full onboarding services to include complete background checks as requested.  After Judge's onboarding process is complete, your Judge account executive walks your new team member in on his or her first day.

Step 6 – Performance Evaluations
​(Consultants only) Providing qualified and engaged professionals is critical to success.  At Judge we believe in constant communication and we administer consultant performance evaluations after 30 days on assignment, and again bi-annually.  This regular feedback and collaboration with our clients and consultants ensures the fit of consultants over time, assists with recognition programs and increases retention and project completion.