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LinkedIn Profile Tip - Importance of a Good Photo
The photo on your LInkedIn profile is going to be one of the first impressions a recruiter or hiring manger will have of you. Here are some insights to make sure it reflects on you positively.
LinkedIn Profile Tip - The Headline
The headline of your LinkedIn profile has the power to convey a lot of information about you to potential employers. Here are some insights to making an effective headline for your LinkedIn profile.
The Importance of Candidate Engagement for Clients
With the war for talent raging, it is important to make your company a desirable destination for candidates and job seekers. One important way to achieve this is through candidate engagement.
Job Seeker Tip - Three Essential Interview Actions
Here are three top insights to remember when you're in an interview.
Job Seeker Tip - How to Answer "Why do you want this job?"
When applying for a new position, a thoughtful answer to the question "Why do you want this job?" will help you stand out in a field of applicants.
Job Seeker Tip – First Impressions Matter
Making a good first impression is critical when you go for an interview. But you need to make a good impression on more than just the hiring manager.
Job Seeker Tip - A Deeper Dive into Company Research
Job seekers interviewing for a new position should have a good understanding of the company. This video tip helps you take a deeper look into the research you should perform before heading into a job interview.
Job Seeker Tip - Framing the Interview Conversation
It is important for job seekers to steer the conversation during an interview. When speaking with a recruiter or hiring manager, you want to frame the conversation in a positive light and speak about how hiring you will help solve a pain point for the company.
Job Seeker Tip – ‘What are your biggest strengths?’
"What are your biggest strengths?" is a common interview question. Here's a tip on how to give the best answer you can.
Job Seeker Tip – Be Professional on Social Media
Recruiters and hiring managers are going to look at your social media profiles when you apply for a job. Make sure your profiles reflect positively on you.
Job Seeker Tip – Substance in Your Resume
Using vague language in your resume will often lead a hiring manager to believe you don't have the skills you profess to have. Make you have substance in your resume.
Job Seeker Tip – Always Be Positive
You may not be thrilled with how you left your old position or with former coworkers. But an interview with a perspective new employer isn't the place to vent.
Job Seeker Tip - Do Your Research
Doing your research before an interview will show a hiring manager that you're serious about the job.
How to Write a Good Job Description
Having a well written job description is one of the keys to attracting the best candidate for the position.
National Nurses Week - Thank You Nurses
As we enter National Nurses Week, we want to say 'thank you' to all the nurses out there for everything you do!
Entering Our 50th Year of Service
The Judge Group's CEO, Marty Judge III, has a special message to everyone who helped us enter our 50th year of service.
Tips for Job Seekers - Create an Online Portfolio
For learning and creative professionals, building an online portfolio that is easy to access is critical in today's job market.
Tips for Job Seekers - The Critical Follow Up Post Interview
For job seekers it is critical to follow up post interview and make sure you include some key elements to help stand out.
Tips for Job Seekers - How to Answer "So Tell Me About Yourself"
One of the most common and challenging interview questions is "So Tell Me About Yourself." Here are three key elements to include when providing your answer.
Judge Learning Solutions Showcase
A showcase of the various services offered by Judge Learning Solutions.
Judge Learning Solutions
An overview of Judge Learning Solutions and services from The Judge Group. Judge provides a wide variety of learning solutions including instructor-led training, with experience in EMR, CLS, and so much more.
Get Through Giving: Judge Participates in Light the Night Walks
For the second consecutive year, The Judge Group participated in 20+ Light the Night Walks across the US in support of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.
Webinar - Insource, Outsource, We All Want to Right-Source!
Judge Learning Solutions discusses when to keep Learning & Development (L&D) projects in house, when to bring in outside help, and what kind of outside help to use.
Get Through Giving: Judge Fundraises for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society
In additional to many other fundraisers, Judge hosted a Beef n' Beer event to raise funds for the Light the Night Walks in support of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.
Webinar - Ace the Test - Measure Performance, not Test Taking Skills
Judge Learning Solutions looks at how to measure performance and not test taking skills in their latest webinar.
Judge Technology Solutions Showcases Their Work at Kalahari Resorts
A showcase of Judge Technology's network infrastructure and managed services solution for Kalahari Resorts' new 450+ room hotel, 110,000 sq ft convention center and 100,000 sq ft indoor water park.
Webinar - How to Successfully Manage eLearning Projects
Judge Learning Solutions takes a look at the challenges of successfully managing eLearning projects.
Webinar - Getting Peak Performance from Cross-Functional Teams
Judge Learning Solutions takes a look at the challenges that cross-functional teams face and how to address those challenges.
The Judge Group - Company Overview
A look into the comprehensive suite of Technology, Talent, and Learning Solutions offered by The Judge Group
Judge Talent Solutions
Judge Talent Solutions provides insights into the suite of talent service offerings of The Judge Group.
Judge Technology Solutions
An overview of Judge Technology Solutions and look at the technology offerings and services from The Judge Group. Judge provides a wide variety of technology solutions including infrastructure, unified communications, application development and integration, mobility, and management consulting and PMO.
The Judge Group – The Early Years
Martin E. Judge, Jr., CEO of The Judge Group talks about founding the company and early years of Judge.
ALS Bucket Challenge Video Judge Group
ALS Bucket Challenge compilation

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