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Judge Consulting provides the tools, processes, professionals, and infrastructure to take your enterprise to the next level. We provide insight and services around all aspects of technology-enabling you to choose, design, build, implement, and manage all of your organization’s IT resources. Our solutions include business insights and outcome based solutions around all aspects of technology like project management and process optimization to application development, digital strategies & execution, and infrastructure services. Utilizing top technology professionals in their respective fields, we build unique solutions for clients across the U.S. and around the globe.

Application Development & Digital

We provide end-to-end enterprise application development services and our Agile approach and responsive applications can help you stay ahead of the technology and communications curve. Our services include:

  • .NET Development
  • Java Development
  • Web Development
  • Mobility Solutions
  • Integrations Development
  • API Development
  • Database Development
  • UI/UX Design

We partner with you to create overarching digital strategies and tactics in the planning, delivery, and management of mobile, web, and other digital channels. Our offerings include:

  • Enterprise Roadmaps
  • Integration Solutions
  • Cloud Strategy Roadmaps
  • Cloud Implementations
  • Cloud Decision Trees
  • Legacy Modernization
  • Responsive Web Development

Transformation Services

Our approach applies value-based strategy, capability-driven planning, delivery, and operational excellence to drive successful outcomes from complex transformation initiatives. We can help with:

  • Project Management
  • IT Strategy & Roadmaps
  • Agile Coaching
  • Process Automation
  • Process Optimization
  • Project Rescue Services
  • CIO/CTO as a Service
  • PM/BA as a Service

Infrastructure Services

We handle the complete infrastructure stack from top to bottom: network, server, data center, and virtualization. Our services include everything from the planning/architecture phase to the execution, delivery, and ongoing support of your infrastructure needs. Our solutions include:

  • Managed Services
  • Data Center Design
  • Call Center Solutions
  • Cloud Strategy
  • Device Management
  • AD Implementations
  • Server Migrations
  • Desktop Migrations
  • NOC Design & Rollout

Content & Collaboration Services

Our expertise runs the range from strategy, assessments, architecture, migration, and deployment, providing a variety of options for enterprises to take advantage of using:

  • SharePoint Administration
  • SharePoint Development
  • WordPress
  • Drupal
  • Information Design
  • Taxonomy
  • SharePoint Migrations
  • O365

Tools & Accelerators

Judge has a reusable, generic library of code that can be easily deployed in situations when either common business need are present (custom reporting, agnostic-system data retrieval, data model mappings, or customized workflows) or where integrations are needed and integration-as-a-service tool costs cannot be justified by minimal requirements. These libraries are used by Judge to speed up delivery and minimize implementation and investment costs.

Resource as a Service

RaaS is an on-demand resourcing model that allows consistent access to consulting resources only when needed. The client is only billed for the time that resources are engaged.

The resources will be part of the Judge team – so you know they will be good. RaaS results in an average of 30% cost savings with predictable excellence. Judge maintains onboarding material, project documentation, and process documentation (where applicable), to provide to the client when needed and make sure the assigned resources are fully informed.

Cost Savings - Reduced Resource Overhead

With the RaaS model, the client doesn’t have to worry about onboarding fees, time to onboard, and more. The resource is managed by Judge and knowledge transfer happens behind the scenes.

Scalability - Ramp Up/Ramp Down Model

Resources can be scaled up at times of high demand, and scaled down again to match decreasing demand. The right people will be involved at the right time, with a focus on the project budget.

Onboarding Efficiency - Faster Turnaround

When a new client is engaged, Judge will ensure that the on-demand team is assembled and ready to start when the client needs them with a turnaround time within an agreed upon SLA. The resource is prepped and ready to go immediately.

Operational Efficiency - Guaranteed Quality Resources

The resources will be fully vetted and part of the Judge team. Standards and expectations are high. Judge follows a performance management process to ensure that the resources are performing well and meeting or exceeding client expectations.

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