​The software engineers and architects on our team are veteran designers and developers of customer-facing and enterprise applications. We build high-performance web, mobile, collaboration, and business intelligence solutions for our clients across industry sectors.​​​ ​The tools, components, and patterns we employ enable us to quickly design and build apps tailored to your specific business and operational needs.​

Strategic Roadmaps

We’ll help you define a digital strategy that develops new capabilities extending beyond the traditional boundaries of your organization. We will help with:

Digital Maturity Assessments

Digital transformation roadmap and business case review

Managed digital services including design, development, management, and suppo​rt

A data-driven, value-based approach to rationalizing in-flight technology initiatives, bu​siness constraints, and opportunities to create value

Architecture design across digital ch​​annels



The online experience today is increasingly mobile-first or even mobile-only in certain markets. Our solutions are geared to delivering immersive experiences to the end user while providing accurate data to the right people, at the right time with the goal of improving decision making and driving operational efficiencies.

Omni-channel mobile strategy and im​plementations

Award-winning user interface designs

Applications that enhance information delivery and customer interactions

Platforms and custom solutions for B2C, B2B, and B2E scenarios


Why re-invent the wheel? Put our collective experience and expertise to use for your organization. Our accelerators allow clients to automate repetitive processes and code to meet tight timelines and budgets. Let ​us help you with:​

Comprehensive strategy, planning and deployment of solution accelerators​

Rapid application development leveraging platforms and our proprietary solutions

Cloud Decision Tree Framework

Digital Portfolio Management Framework

Technology Modernization

It is critial for companies today to digitize their business in order to stay competitive. Technology modernization can mean upgrading legacy systems, sun-setting old technology, implementing new processess, or all of the above. Our team works with organizations to make sure they are positioned to acheive the intended modernization goals without disrupting business operations. Our services include:

Rationalization of in-flight efforts, technology strategy, and digital roadmap

Implement new technology solutions to automate and modernize processes

Workforce transformation and change management

Technology sun-setting planning and management

Enterprise Architecture

We work with you to develop a unified IT environemnt across your business ​segments aligned with company goals. This results in making your IT efforts less expensive while becoming more strategic and responsive. Our solutions include:

SOA solutions and legacy modernization

Integrating disparate external and internal APIs

Information architecture

​​Mapping business functionality and requirements to t​echnology solutions

Web Application Development

​ ​

Judge Consulting's team of develpoment professionals have experiece and expertise working with any development stack. We work with your organization to provide end-to-end enterprise application development services. Our solutions include: 

Mobile-first, multichannel application design and development patterns

Hybrid and native mobile application development patterns

Judge Solution Framework - prebuilt components, patterns, and practices based on industry standards

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