organizational change management

Judge Learning Solutions' organizational change management (OCM) consulting helps Fortune 1,000 companies implement comprehensive solutions to manage the challenges presented by major change initiatives. With an average of 2 out of every 3 change initiatives failing to produce their desired outcomes, most organizations can use a little help ​managing all the aspects of these efforts.  ​

Whether it is cultural change, process change, or technology change, companies need the right guidance to avoid disrupting current workflows.  So if you are embarking on a simple transition or a larger-scale organizational transformation, we can bring the resources you need to achieve the desired results.  

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Our Services

At Judge Learning Solutions, we provide change management resources and solutions that are proven to effectively plan, manage, and execute many types of initiatives, including:

  • Organizational Change, as well as tranformational change
  • ERP implementations
  • Product launches
  • Market/Business strategy transformation
  • Changes necessary for successful mergers and acquisitions

Whether the change is simple or complex, we engage our experts in change management, training, and communications to facilitate a comprehensive and wholistic approach to managing the change effort. Components of a good change plan should embrace the following activities and deliverables: ​

Stakeholder Analysis

Starting with a stakeholder analysis, a change management engagement first seeks to understand the overall goal of the implementation.

Change Readiness surveys and analysis

By assessing the change readiness of the organization, a good change management effort creates a fully integrated communication strategy coupled with a comprehensive training strategy.

Integrated communication and internal marketing plan

Most audiences want to understand the purpose of the change, how it affects their daily lives, and what benefits from the change they can expect to see.

Training strategy and plan

The audience is ready to learn more about the entire change.

Execution of both communication and training plans

The plans are implemented. 

Let us support your next major initiative by using one of Judge's professional OCM consultants.

How We Can Help

JLS provides OCM solutions via the following services:

Contract Consulting Professionals

Permanent Workforce Solutions

High-Level Advisory Services

OCM Talent

Here is a short listof the change management professionals we have available to act as change agents for your organization:

  • Advisor
  • Lead
  • Analyst
  • Communications consultant
  • Coordinator
  • Facilitator
  • Practitioner

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