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Most of today’s corporate data centers are using yesterday’s technology. Our approach is tailored to our client’s desire to be more efficient, reliable, and scalable, making your data more accessible to those that need it. Judge’s solutions address all areas of the data center redesign: from the physical space, to providing reliable power & cooling, to maintaining your 3-tiered environment or improving its architecture, performance, & management.

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Data Center Consolidation

Enterprises are now consolidating data centers and reducing data center footprints. This can be an extremely complicated and disruptive process requiring the planning and design services that Judge offers to help mitigate the potential pitfalls.

Data Center Evaluation

Judge will evaluate your current data center and / or IDFs for power and cooling efficiency

Data Center Move Services

Judge will coordinate all data center move efforts to make sure downtime and service interruptions are managed and kept to a minimum

Data Center Redesign

Consolidation brings challenges. Judge reviews all current needs including power, cooling, compute, storage, and management to make the proper design recommendations

IDF expansion

Consolidation of data centers often leads to more stress on the IDFs. Judge will take these into consideration to ensure they are correctly utilized and not overloaded

When it comes to any data center change, Judge has the experience to review and make sure that nothing is missed - eliminating the unexpected.

Hyperconverged Infrastructure

Enterprises today are at a crossroads with the direction of their data center. Breaking the traditional data center purchasing model and migrating to the cloud comes with the potential for cost overruns and a loss of control of data. Hyperconvergence addresses both of these issues by providing an onsite private cloud with the same fractional consumption model of a traditional public cloud. Hyperconvergence can provide the following benefits:

Modular Scalability

Add the resources you need when you need them

Predictive Growth

Eliminate the rip and replace approach and grow infinitely

Zero‐click operations

Deliver operational simplicity through automation

Elastic consumption

Spin resources up and down on demand, and eliminate overprovisioning and prediction risk

Judge has the expertise on staff to help navigate the ever-changing data center environment, enabling IT the ability to innovate and proactively support your ever-growing enterprise needs.

Physical Design Power and Cooling

Today’s data centers have strict physical and environmental requirements. Often they are overlooked and assumed to be adequate. Judge has the experience to evaluate and recommend new physical power and cooling solutions at a cost effective price point. Judge will assist with any and all areas of your data center, including:​

Data Center Evaluation

Judge will​ review your current data center and / or IDFs for power and cooling efficiency

Uninterruptable Power Supplies

Let us introduce you to latest UPS technologies to reduce your power spend and increase uptime

Power Distribution

Modular power distribution allows easy adjustments as your power requirements change

Racks, Containment, and Cooling

More efficient cooling solutions reduce overall data spend by up to 50% and increase uptime

Make sure your data center is up to spec and capable of supporting your enterprise uptime requirements while running efficiently and cost effectively.

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